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Your Purpose!

How is your internal narrative impacting you?

There could be many factors keeping you from feeling loved, accepted, and full of the confidence you need to pursue your passions and discover your purpose.


You may look at social media and suddenly think you're not as good as everyone else because you're comparing yourself to others.

Or, childhood trauma keeps you from loving yourself and therefore you find it hard to love others, leaving you lonely even in a crowd.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way!



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Find your path to healing, truth, and love!



Margo was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa with her three brothers. She knew from a very early age that a profession serving others is why she was put on this earth. She has worked serving others with substance use disorders and currently serves the homeless in her community. She received her Master of Public Administration degree from Drake University.

In her spare time, Margo enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, admiring God’s creation, while kayaking, fishing and camping.

Melinda was born and raised in West Des Moines, Iowa with her sister and two brothers. She knew early on that serving others was something she wanted to do, even though she had reason to believe it was not an option for her. Melinda is passionate about helping others see themselves the way God sees them and offering hope to them. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence and the families of our fallen service members. She graduated from the University of Iowa with her Masters of Social Work degree.

In her spare time, Melinda enjoys her family, including time with her three dogs, studies the Word, and loves music.

We work to help participants see each other in different lights; to realize we are more alike than different, and to start building on the things we have in common.

Mission Statement: Preventing suicide and building leaders by educating and empowering people to overcome the adversities that have limited them in their personal and professional lives.

MnM Inspirations came to fruition through a mutual desire of two women to stop suicide, help people believe in themselves, grow leaders, empower others to achieve personal and professional breakthroughs, and help improve the world a tiny piece at a time.


They have both seen firsthand that what society is doing to address suicide is not working; we lose kids, young adults, veterans, and seniors to suicide every day in this country. They joined the John C. Maxwell Team and became independent, certified coaches, teachers, and speakers. They've combined their personal talents, passions, experience, and education in conjunction with some of the training from The John C. Maxwell Leadership Team in order to facilitate change in the home, at work, church, and the world.

LGBTQ Community

Many church leaders and their congregations come from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. We realize the church has hurt many people, especially those in the LGBTQ community – we
desire for the community to know their value to God and to society.


Bullying has become an epidemic in our world, and especially in our schools, and our youth are suffering. We work with teens to show them they are more alike than different, and there is not much that separates us.


Margo and Melinda are Christians who have a strong desire to help the LGBTQ community come to know their value and worth to God and to society as a whole. 

Other ways we help!

How we help!

We start by...

We start by listening to you. Your hopes, fears, and joys. We meet you where you are and identify a way forward.

Then, together...

Then, together, we'll help you find your most authentic self and uncover your purpose. This can feel intimidating but we'll walk beside you every step of the way.

Through this process...

Through this process you'll find healing. Find purpose. You'll re-establish a relationship with hope, forgiveness, love, resilience, and self-care all while on the path to loving yourself.

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